About The Artist Relocation Program

The Artist Relocation Program began in March 2000 and has become a national model for using the arts for economic development.  At a time when funding for the arts was being cut, Paducah fostered an environment where artists and the arts could flourish. The goal of the program was to revitalize one of Paducah's most historic neighborhoods through the Arts.  Properties were offered by the city at little cost (often as low as $1) with the intrigue of becoming a part of a true art enclave proved irresistible.  

To date, Lower Town artists/residents, primarily through a generous and innovative financing arrangement offered by community partner Paducah Bank, have invested over $30 million in restoring this model community to its previous glory. 

For more information, call the Paducah Planning Department at 270-444-8690.  

Available Properties