Citizens Gym

226 Broadway
Paducah, KY 42001

Category: Health & Beauty

Hours of Operation:
Daily 5am-11pm


Citizens Gym is all about experience. From the building itself to the equipment selection, every detail has been carefully considered to provide members with a truly unique and inspiring environment.  It is fully equipped with free weights, cable machines, human powered cardio equipment, power racks, and more.

Amenities include:

  • Clean showers 
  • Towel Service 
  • Personal Training powered by Seva Fitness 
  • Free education

The gym gets its name not only from the building's original tenant but also from the intention of the owners. After searching for the perfect name that would encapsulate the desire to build a community based on positive lifestyles, a bit of history helped nail down the name. In 1888, in the back part of the gym, Citizens Savings Bank opened their doors as a small family owned bank. Years later as they grew, the bank moved to what we know now as US Bank. In an effort to honor the history of the building and to solidify the intention of the gym, Citizens Gym was created.