Creatures of Habit

406 Broadway
Paducah, KY 42001

Category: Specialty Shops & Markets,Entertainment,Specialty

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Saturday, 10am –5pm Closed: New Years Day, Christmas Day, 4th of July and Thanksgiving


Creatures of Habit costumes is considered by most to be a unique national treasure and innovative costume research center. Established in 1987 in Paducah, Kentucky’s lower downtown district, the historic site is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers at the foot of Broadway. The visually striking 4 story brick structure located at 406 Broadway Street was built in 1908, when Paducah was considered to be the gateway to the new frontier but by 1950 had become better known as “The Atomic City”. Jack Cody and Natalya Haden created this distinctive one of a kind enterprise with the intent of costuming Paducah and the surrounding tri-state area but soon discovered their services to be in demand nationwide. Their “Hollywood Connection” was initiated in 1988 with the local filming of “In Country”, starring Bruce Willis. While providing costumes and props for the movie, they made important contacts with professional costumers and set designers in the film and theatre industry who would share their name with others within their respective fields of expertise thus leading to future film/ theatre work. Some of the films they have supplied costumes and/or props for include: In Country, Kalifornia, Pink Cadillac, A League of Their Own (Academy Award winner), Titanic (Academy Award winner), US Marshals and Pleasantville as well as numerous PBS documentaries and country music videos. During the last two decades Creatures of Habit has continued to build and maintain a comprehensive full-service costume facility committed to quality costume design and construction.