Dolly McNutt Memorial Plaza

301 South 5th Street
Paducah, KY 42001

Category: Paducah History

Hours of Operation:
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The plaza, formerly known as the City Plaza, was  renamed Dolly McNutt Plaza in May 1986 to honor former Mayor Dolly McNutt for  her service as City Commissioner, Mayor, and state legislator.  In November  2013, the Paducah Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution amending the name  of Dolly McNutt Plaza to Dolly McNutt Memorial Plaza to recognize the three  memorials in the plaza.  The memorials recognize veterans who served in World  War II, the Korean War, and the  Vietnam War.  Former Mayor Dolly McNuttThe  City received a letter in support of adding "memorial" to the plaza's  name signed by representatives of American Legion Post 31, VFW Post 12022, DAV  Chapter 7, and VVA Chapter 337.  A portion of the letter states, “The proposal  is thus made that the name of Dolly McNutt Plaza be amended to Dolly McNutt  Memorial Plaza to more accurately describe what the beautiful plaza has become –  a lovely park-like, fountain laden gathering place in downtown Paducah which  allows the community to continually honor citizens who have given much for the  common good of all.”  The letter also states that an additional memorial to  honor those who have served in the Middle East is under discussion.

The historical marker reads:  Dolly McNutt Plaza - Named for the  Honorable Alice (Dolly) McNutt.  Member Kentucky House of Representatives,  1976-86; Mayor City of Paducah, 1972-76; City Commissioner, 1968-70.  Renowned  for her outstanding ability as a public speaker.  Respected for her high  standard of excellence and brilliant record.  Loved for her contribution of  time, talent and service to all Kentuckians.  (Resolution adopted by Mayor Joe  Viterisi, City Commissioners P.J. Grumley, Hal Cole, Robert Coleman, Harold  Ford, May 13, 1986)