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ave you ever seen a quilt at a friend’s place and wanted nothing more than to fold it up, tuck it under your shirt, and run away with it? Or, perhaps you’re one of those people who knows exactly what you want but can't find it for sale anywhere? Maybe you’re simply looking for a new, addicting hobby to fill those moments of downtime in life where you begin to feel the pangs of boredom creeping in. Well, here at Paper Pieces, we have a solution to your quilt searching dilemmas.

Dating as far back as the 1770’s, the art of English Paper Piecing quilts has been used as a favored way of creating durable, practical, and decorative quilts, some of which have even become historical artifacts because of the letters, sheet music, news clippings, and other scrap paper left in the quilt from the time it was made. This Paper Piecing method is believed to have originated in England. Because of its portability, Paper Piecing has caught on and spread throughout America and the rest of the world. Paper pieces can accompany you wherever you go... tuck your project into your purse, a pocket of your suitcase, or a section in your briefcase. With Paper Pieces, the hours you spend sitting in waiting rooms, on airplanes, at sporting events, or in cars, can be filled with piecing.

Though the technique has remained constant, the designs have expanded from patterns constructed from nothing but hexagons, to include diamonds, pentagons, stars, squares and more. The technique has grown from using scrap paper cut by hand to using the precision of machines to produce inexpensive, reusable pieces.

Paper Pieces has a long history of success at helping others make quilts of their own. We have quilt patterns that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced, with an extensive selection of designs, from traditional to contemporary, as well as an endless variety of styles to assist you in creating your own quilted masterpiece. We encourage you to browse our shopping page for the products you need to quench your creative thirst and succeed at Paper Piecing!